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We Provide Education to Special Children in kotli, Azad Kashmir. AK Institute of Special Education (school for deaf & dumb boys & girls) started in January, 2002 under the supervision of AJK Deaf Welfare Association (AJKDWA), Kotli. The organization has been working for the welfare of deaf & dumb boys and girls of the area including formal education, marriage, promotion of sports, their adjustment in Govt. offices as per quota, rehabilitation and other things related to their careers. The organization keeps in view the overall welfare of deaf and dumb boys and girls of different areas of AJK. In December, 2002 a hostel for boys was started and since then both school and hostel have been functioning simultaneously. The school was started with four students from nursery class and the number of which are continuously increasing with the passage of time.


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Message: Founder & President AJKDWA

Bismillah, With immense pride and great pleasure I welcome you to the school’s website. You could be a parent, a student, a staff member or anyone interested in gaining deeper insights into the functioning and learning environment of our exciting world. Right from its inception to now, our institution has marched forward to spread the light of education and pave the path of academic excellence for every student. The key focus areas continue to remain – creating opportunities, challenging minds, encouraging innovation and sustaining excitement.


Appeal from the President.

Message: Managing Director's AJKDWA

A.K Institute of Special Education Kotli is opened with this ideology to nourish and nurture the potential of individuals to the extent of perfection. Here we endeavour to spread the light of education all around. It is our earnest effort to make A.K Institute of Special Education, a School with a difference and a school missioned to impart excellence in individuals and prepare world class citizens, professionals and intellectuals. We lay focus on all round development of a child where he will be physically strong and mentally healthy. Instead of making him contended with what he has learnt, we intensify their desire to learn more and more. This process of giving and taking education should never stop.

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